Our History – Our Future

One of Orlando’s oldest high schools, Edgewater High School  was founded in 1952 when Orlando High School was divided into two schools.  Edgewater’s first principal, O.R. Davis, established the school’s reputation as an outstanding academic institution.  That reputation continues today as Edgewater offers nationally recognized programs, including The Engineering, Science and Technology (EST) Magnet Program and the Advanced Placement (AP) Academy.

In 1990, a group of committed volunteers recognized that EHS needed support beyond what the school district and state funds could provide.

At that time, very few public high school foundations had been established, especially with the intent to raise additional funds to improve the school’s educational programs. Together, these parents, faculty and alumni established The Edgewater High School Foundation.

Realizing the importance of keeping pace with technology, along with program and educational trends, The Edgewater High School Foundation is committed to aiding future projects that will enhance the school and its community within.

With sound financial goals, our foundation also will provide long-range support through The Edgewater High School Endowment. This separate, but equally important entity will help secure a long-term and financial legacy for EHS.  One of the Foundation’s ongoing goals is to raise funds for the EHS Foundation Endowment. Once this goal is reached, earned interest will be used to fund the annual foundation budget for the following areas: Arts, Athletics, Science & Technology, and Staff/Faculty Development.