Hall of Fame

Edgewater High School Hall of Fame, we are thankful for the opportunity to celebrate some of our school’s most outstanding staff and alumni. Teachers and staff have walked the halls of our school and we are honored to look back on a part of our school’s 60-year history and reconnect with those who have laid the foundation!

With the help of long-time EHS supporters and advocates, the EHS Foundation established The Edgewater High School Hall of Fame in 2011. The purpose of the Edgewater Hall of Fame is to honor distinguished Edgewater alumni and supporters who are acclaimed through their outstanding accomplishments in one of six categories: Arts, Academics, Athletics, Professional, Community and Eagle Spirit.

Edgewater has many outstanding alumni who have used their education and experience to become successful, positive contributors to society. We believe that positive role models are extremely important in today’s world and that these graduates of EHS should be held up as role models for today’s students.

Candidates are nominated annually and presented to the EHS Hall of Fame Board of Trustees. The trustees review and select the inductees. The EHS Foundation is proud to present and celebrate these distinguished inductees at the EHS Hall of Fame Induction. In addition, a permanent display honoring the inductees has been established in halls of the O. R. Davis Auditorium so that students, staff, parents and visitors will be able to commemorate the legacy of these inductees.

Hall of Fame Selection Criteria

A nominee must be at least 10 years removed from his/her high school graduation and for all categories except the Eagle Spirit category, must either be an Edgewater graduate or have attended Edgewater for at least three academic years and subsequently graduated from high school.  Current Principals of Edgewater and current elected officials are not eligible for consideration.  Former Principals of Edgewater are eligible for consideration as long as they served as Edgewater’s Principal for at least seven (7) years.  In addition to these criteria, nominees must also meet, at the sole discretion of the Board, at least one of the following selection attributes:

  1. Academic – The nominee will have achieved a level of academic excellence as a student or instructor.  Excellence is defined as a significant contribution or achievement that clearly demonstrates the nominee’s dedication and passion for learning or teaching.
  1. Athletic– Excellence in athletic skill and sportsmanship are inseparable in determining the sum total of a nominee’s athletic accomplishments. Excellence is determinable on many levels but is uniquely judged as greatly exceeding consensus expectations.
  1. Community Involvement– Volunteerism is at the heart of community involvement and further defined as unselfishly giving of one’s time for the betterment of a community-orientated cause. A community- orientated cause is understood to represent any effort, through the individual or a group, designed to improve the lives of its members.
  1. Artistic/Creative– A nominee’s artistic contributions include all forms of artistic expression including but not limited to visual, theater, written & musical accomplishments where the nominee’s work has made a significant contribution to its audience.
  1. Professional– A nominee’s accomplishments in a chosen profession (excluding Academics and Athletics) will be reviewed in the context of achieving extraordinary results for the benefit of a project, company, group or cause.
  1. Eagle Spirit- Eagles represent a diverse group of people take risks, set goals and break records. The nominee may have come from and/or graduated from other high schools but consistently exemplifies these qualities while “waving the red & white” and promoting the tradition of the Edgewater Eagles to live on.