Congratulations! The Edgewater High School Foundation is proud to honor you with a scholarship for the 2020-21 school year. Your achievements and dedication throughout high school have brought you to this point. Our hope is that this scholarship will be a stepping stone to your future educational and career opportunities.

Scholarship money will be sent directly to the school that you have chosen to attend. For your money to be properly credited to you, please email the following information to the Edgewater High School Foundation’s Scholarship Committee Chair, Ms. Theo Webster at by June 15, 2020.

  1. Student’s full name
  2. Student’s college or university ID number
  3. Address for the financial aid office where the check is to be sent
  4. We request that each scholarship recipient send a thank you letter to the Edgewater High School Foundation. The deadline for receipt of your letter is July 1 each year.

The Foundation Board and individual scholarship donors look forward to receiving your letter and hearing about your progress each year. This is particularly important for multi-year scholarship recipients like the Gala Family Scholarship. Please include a brief self-introduction and let us know your current scholastic and career plans.

All scholarship checks will be sent directly to the college or university financial aid office that you are attending by July 31, 2020 providing we have received the necessary information.

Congratulations on your accomplishments!  We look forward to hearing about your future plans.

The Edgewater High School Foundation

President, Eben Self

Scholarship Committee, Theo Webster