About Us

Mission Statement:

“To promote and further the interests of Edgewater High School though the provision of aid and assistance to Edgewater High School and the programs and facilities it operates.”

The Edgewater High School Foundation is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit board that could be considered the “booster club” for all of EHS.  Each year, the Foundation distributes a portion of its raised income from its fundraising efforts to benefit programs, organizations, faculty, teacher development and projects for the school itself.
Requests for foundation gifts are submitted either in writing or requested by the administration throughout the school year. The Foundation Board decides which requests will be funded for that school year.

Our efforts include:

  • Raising money for Capital Projects for Edgewater High School
  • Managing the EHS Endowment fund
  • Providing grants to teachers, faculty and staff for projects, conferences and development
  • Being a liaison between Edgewater High School and the community
  • Planning and executing the Edgewater High School “Hall of Fame” Celebrations events
  • Managing scholarships granted for EHS seniors