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Scholarship Winners

Thanks to the generosity of Edgewater High School friends, fans and alumni, the Edgewater High School Foundation has the honor of administering several scholarships each year.  Here is the list of scholarships offered to the seniors of the Class of 2017.  The descriptions below are general in nature.  The guidance counselors have detailed information about the scholarships for each current year and the criteria for each.

The EHS Foundation Scholarship

Three $1,500 scholarships awarded to three different EHS seniors who will enroll after graduation in a technical school, a professional career program, community or public or private college or university. The Foundation is looking for applicants who have overcome extreme circumstances. These are one time awards based on financial need, academic achievement, good citizenship, extra-curricular activities, personal accomplishments and/or spirit of volunteerism.

2017 Winners: Cecilia Procacci, Jaime Remus, Mohammed Kordian Boroujeni

The Gala Family Scholarship

A $5,500 scholarship awarded to one student who will receive $1,375 annually for four years.  This student has excelled in areas of engineering, science, technology, or computers.  This may be demonstrated through academic, extra-curricular, or personal accomplishments.

2017 Winner:  James Smalley

The $500 College Park Neighborhood Scholarship

A $500 scholarship awarded to a deserving student based on need, academic achievement, good citizenship, extra-curricular activities, personal accomplishments and/or a spirit of volunteerism.  The recipient is a student who is majoring in fields related to community (such as teaching, government or political science.

2017 Winner: Yariseli Felix

The Mike Lyons $500 Memorial Scholarship—”The Mike”

Awarded to a student planning to major in communications or journalism.

2017 Winner:  Job Isaac Critton

The Robert Brendan Carr Musician’s Scholarship

An award of $1,000 made to a student in the Marching Eagle Band who has promoted fellowship among its members and demonstrated both musical excellence and Eagle Spirit and who intends to pursue a course of study in Music Performance, Music Education or plans to be part of a college band, orchestra or chorus while following another major.

2017 Winner:  Stanley Belizaire

Charles Rohrer Scholarship

Two $500 awards, to one female student and one male student who are selected by the Principal for consistently modeling leadership qualities such as honesty, integrity, determination, compassion and true Eagle Spirit.

2017 Winners:  Quinlan J. Brock and Abigael Winslow

EST Scholarships

Two $1,500 scholarships awarded to a student in each of the two tracks of Edgewater’s Engineering, Science and Technology magnet program.  These students are selected based on need, academic achievement, good citizenship, extra-curricular activities, personal accomplishments and/or spirit of volunteerism.

2017 Winners:  Jocivan Cabrera, Lenworth Thomas

Swoszowski Scholarship

A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a student from a single-parent family who has worked at least part time, has at least at 3.0 GPA and is a legal resident or citizen of the USA.

2017 Winner:  Aliyah Johnson

The Julia Pierson Public Service Scholarship Fund

A $500 scholarship that recognizes an outstanding student who has an interest in pursuing a career in Public Service. Our Federal, State and Local governments require dedicated and highly skilled individuals to support and serve our communities.

2017 Winner:  Angel Hampton

The News 13 Scott Harris Scholarship

A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a student with a GPA of 3.0  or higher who is planning on majoring in some form of Communications.

2017 Winner:  Vanessa John

Tommy Browning Scholarship

Two $200 scholarships awarded each year at EHS Graduation in honor of Tommy Browning.  Tommy Browning was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War and he was a graduate of  Edgewater High School.

2017 Winners:  Meghan Campbell and Jack Agar

The Dr. “Pro” Scholarship

A $1,000 scholarship awarded to a student that has a financial need and wishes to continue in post secondary education.

2017 Winner: Caroline Kurtz

Previous Scholarship Winners


Foundation Scholarships: Aubry Ashby, Juliana Johnson, Angel Villalobos

Gala Family Scholarship: Alexander Trahe-Valencia

College Park Neighborhood Scholarship: Taylor Collings

The Mike Lyons Memorial Scholarship – “The Mike”: Khara Gibson-Taylor

Robert Brendan Carr Musician’s Scholarship: Tyra Miller

Charles Rohrer Scholarship: Seth Plank and Lily Taylor

Engineering, Science, and Technology Scholarships:  Kira Lockhart and Cessna Valley

Swoszowski Scholarship: Joshua Hanson

Julia Pierson Public Service Scholarship:  Ayanna Wallace


Foundation Scholarships:  Tyler Lambright, Christy Joseph and Giselle Padrigone

Engineering, Science, and Technology:  Greg Umali and Roshani Ekanayake

Gala Family Scholarship:  Jazmine Forman

College Park Neighborhood Association:  Annie Rattanasena

Robert Brendan Carr Musician’s Award:  Curtis Mitchell

The Mike:  Jahmiah Cyrus


Foundation Scholarships:  Alexandra Allen, Anna Garrison and Mariah-Krista Macalua

Gala Family Scholarship:  Arita Harris

The Mike:  Brandon Hogan

College Park Neighborhood Association:  Jose Febo


Foundation Scholarships:  Delilah Diaz, Keira Lemmon and Will Rumplik

Gala Family Scholarship:  Brendan Guthrie

College Park Neighborhood Association:  Abigail Teague

Gierke Family Scholarship:  Jeanine Patrick


Foundation Scholarships:  Klarissica Collins, Kalyn Kearrey and DeAngela LeGrier

Gala Family Scholarship:  Josh Yandell

College Park Neighborhood Association: Taylor Clauss

FCA Service Athletes Award:  Taylor Clauss and Alan Thomas